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Out for a walk, dunno when I’ll be back. Help me!

Beloved Suki of Emeryn Wong is still missing from BU10, Bandar Utama today(17th Oct 2011)..It’s a Sunday..go out on ya kapcai or walkabout around that area.plz

About Suki :
– Short length coat FEMALE Australian Silky terrier with brown face and feet, gray body
– big black round eyes
– fat
– response to the her name SUKI, mum mum, soukei, kai kai
– can do quite a few tricks
– very friendly towards human
– Microchip no. : 458098500115117

Reward of *RM2000* will be given if found and returned,


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A meaningful gathering for some

Today’s Sunday Star said brace for floods. I then flip to page 2 there is nothing about Himpun so I continue and I finally saw an article in page 6 saying Himpun makes a stand and a picture of a small group of Muslim ladies carrying the banner “Melayu Sepakat Islam Berdaulat”. There is another small article on page F26. Anyway, I seldom buy local papers these days as they are merely tools of politicians. I usually buy because I want to read some sport news and even that I find internet news are better and more timely.

Anyway, in all accounts, this call for one million muslims to gather at shah alam stadium have failed. The question is why? There were sufficient notice. There were enough media coverage. There were even support from the government. But why so few turn up. Less than 0.5% of the promised 1 million or 0.03% of the total muslims faith in this country. In comparison, in Bersih 2.0, the BN government go to great length to stop it using threat, road blocks, stop transportation system but at the end more than 50,000 turn up. Imagine what will it be like if Bersih 2.0 get the same support?

Anyway, it is not about Bersih 2.0 now. It is about Himpun and the popularity of BN government. Perhap Malaysians have finally opened their eyes and can see for themselves what actually happened. The problem started when some muslim charity organizations which could not get assistances from the government and turned to others for help and in this case the Church. In all fairness to the Church, they cannot turn down anyone regardless of their race and religion whenever they seek assistance or help. Of course they will do within their mean. Is that wrong?

Can anyone imagine the implication of this decision? The Sultan has a opportunity to stay above politic and religion but sadly, he allowed himself to be used by those irresponsible JAIS. It was obvious Jais made a mistake, and even the Sultan statement also said there was insufficient evident. Isn’t this country is about proven beyond reasonable doubt otherwise innocent is the only conclusion? What have we become? Why our Sultan who is suppose to be head of state and our Sultan and not just Muslims’ Sultan choose to behave like head of religion. Even as head of religion he could still be fair?

There are many non muslims convert to muslims. There is no up roar. If there were, it only confine to within the family of the converts. Some take it openly while some not so but never turn into such uglier affair until the religion authority like JAIS step in. I alway believe religion is a personal thing. It is one right to choose what they want to believe. Naturally mostly believe what their parent believe. Again there is nothing wrong with that as long as individually they choose that way. If you look back before JAIS and other religion authorities established, were there many muslims convert to other religion? I doubt so. These fear are created by politicians mainly for their own interest and never Malaysians. Anyway, eventually it is the Muslims who have the final say on how they want to be treated actually. Their votes matters as they are the majority in this country. They have the final say as to how they want this country to move.

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