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Fruit- sellers and construction workers most welcome. Selamat Datang.

Ghanian is here to stay – Durian seller finds his second home in Terengganu …… The Star

The story is about Ibrahim Moro, a Ghanaian who ‘migrated’ (I thought only birds and animals migrate and people emigrate) to Malaysia in the 1990’s. It also says that in 1994 Ibrahim decided to settle in Terengganu and married a kampung girl and they now have 5 children. Ibrahim is his own “boss” as he sells durians for a living and makes up to RM300 a day from his durian stall. Very heart-warming story isn’t it.

Ok, now if you are:-

A Malaysian married to a foreign spouse who can’t get a permanent resident visa even after being in the country for 15 or more years


A foreigner married to a Malaysian and can contribute to the pembangunan (development) of Malaysia because you are a doctor/teacher/engineer/architect/nurse/manager but yet cannot work because you are not even a Permanent Resident after 20 years of living here with your Malaysian family


A foreigner who has been doing business here and paying taxes for 22 years and are in love with the country and want to stay but can’t because all your applications for permanent residence have been rejected for no good reasons

………….what and how would you feel after reading the above story? Come on now, be honest.

Wat the Heck!!!!


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