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mushroom-cloud Ooops! Forgot to switch off……KABOOOM!!!

I must be really out of touch with Malaysian news while I was in the little red dot. Apparently, according to a recent Tenaga Nasional report it announced that it hoped to start its first nuclear power plant by 2025 once it gets the go-ahead from the government. And today’s newspapers carry reports that Muhyiddin Yassin had gotten France’s offer to help us build our first nuclear power plant as an alternative source of energy supply. Now you can call me what you like but this is how I feel about this news.

For a nation of people who can’t a) keep public toilets clean, b) maintain the exterior paintwork of buildings, c) keep litter off the streets, d) repair pot-hole in highways, e) obey simple traffic rules, f) police and regulate local councils………….we think we can operate and maintain a nuclear power plant???!!! France thinks we can and according to Maximus Ongkili, South Korea thinks we can too. Of course they also think that we can afford to pay them the billions that will be needed to uphold their ‘confidence’ in our discipline. The only consolation is that (I might be wrong) the first nuclear power plant, will be in Johor. So it will at least take some time before the fallout reaches the Klang Valley. Maybe that’s why those flers down south want all that sand. Maybe they want to build a lead-reinforced concrete wall between them and us. What you think?


July 1, 2009 - Posted by | Nation

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